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My Story

I thought photography was just a phase but 13 years later, it's become my most beloved part of me.


California is my new home (and hopefully) final move. I've lived in Hawai'i, Virginia, and now California.  started with doing family photos and senior photos for friends. I realized at a young age that the way I saw the world was uniquely mine and that's shaped the way


It has shaped me, the way I see the world (figuratively and literally), and I feel like I've traded my natural vision for a. If you're in the car with me, I'll be stopping I found my love for photography growing up in Hawai'i and it has grown with every year, maturing into the timeless, elegant, work I'm proud to stand behind today. 

I spent five years in Washington D.C. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.