Baltimore Engagement

A couple years ago, our car got broken into on a random street in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, I've stayed away from that city as much as possible - so when Jung and Sarah said they wanted to have their engagement session right next to that street , I was a bit skeptical.

They wanted to meet at Fed Hill Park which is a grassy park (definitely a romantic date spot) that overlooks the city and the harbor. The summer sun, still warm, was streaming through the trees and there were couples picnicking on the grass. Our shoot moved down to Fells Point which became another place I fell in love with. There's a mini boardwalk, businesses on the harbor, splotches of grassy patches, benches galore, and a great cityscape to take in the view.

Jung + Sarah are a 2017 couple. With the help of online dating, they were able to find each other and before a year was up, they were engaged. Sarah is the farthest thing from an uptight bridezilla. She's easy going, happy, and she just can't wait to marry Jung. Jung is also an easy going guy who seems like he just wants to make Sarah happy. *swoon* I can't wait for their wedding in a few months!

Megan Won is a natural light photographer in LA

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