Elisa + Dave

This baby is going to be so loved. Elisa was my manager while I was an intern in D.C. She always had a very passionate and nurturing spirit and really inspired me to never let go of my dreams. We would sit in her office and talk about Soul&Story during our one on ones and all the different ways I could make it bigger and better. I have her to thank for helping me keep it alive. I first met Dave when he brought in his famous cake for Elisa's birthday at work. Even though he was a full time professional, he made time to make her this cake and sneak it into work to surprise her. Cue the "awwws."

One day, after I finished my internship, Elisa messaged me saying how she was pregnant and I immediately knew I wanted to do this shoot for them. We had so much fun doing the "nice" pictures but also going with Dave's wild ideas of what we should do - I think one included a pyramid but we veto'd it. They were so much fun to shoot and I can't wait for this baby to meet her parents!!

Megan Won is a natural light photographer in LA

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