Maryland Fall Engagement

Out in the middle of Northern Maryland, you'll find a little winery sitting off the side of a windy country road. It's small, secluded, and beautiful which makes it a perfect location for a fall engagement shoot. Chad and Tanya have been crazy about each other since the day they met. Their dogs, Fritz and Killian (or Frillian), are equally wild and love their owners to death. It was so much fun to take our time with this shoot because we bounced creative ideas off each other and had a lot of "Why not, let's try it" moments, my favorite being the one below.

"Do you think you can throw up a bunch of leaves and then kiss really fast?"

It took a couple tries and missed kisses (gravity worked on those leaves real quickly) but we ended up with a perfect shot. Their willingness to have fun and laugh made this shoot a real gem.

Megan Won is a natural light photographer in LA

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