Chong Ho + Kris

If it's not on your bucket list, you need to add Joshua Tree National Park to it immediately. For the outdoorsy, it's a 790,636 acre wide playground filled with wild animals and rocks that are too irresistible to climb. For photographers, this is heaven. At golden hour the sun starts filling the landscape with a beautiful clear light that makes you feel like you've stepped onto another planet.

I've done a lot of couple shoots and it's always so natural because they're usually young, newly engaged, dewey eyed couples. This love I felt in this shoot was even better and maybe because it's a love that's gone through thick and thin. Chong Ho and Kris have been married 24 years and now with their children graduated, they're starting their life over again as a couple. I would love to do more of these shoots because love that lasts this long is worth sharing.

Photos taken at Joshua Tree National Park, California

Megan Won is a D.C. based portrait photographer that specializes in engagements