Baby Eleanor + Family

If you mix 90 degrees with DC's swampy humidity, locals know that your best plan of action is to stay inside with the A/C on full blast. Add in the fact that we were doing an outdoor shoot with an 8 month old baby and parents know that the odds were not in our favor. On a good day, a baby's attention/smile span lasts 20 minutes before they get fussy and the heat usually cuts that down by half. But Eleanor is no ordinary 8 month old, she is the extremely calm and composed. She went from her stroller, to her mommy's arms, passed onto each of her grandparents, thrown up in the air by her daddy, and plopped on the grass without a single cry. Her beautiful hazel eyes and squishable cheeks also made every shot look like a baby ad!

It's crazy to think that just last year, I was doing Elisa + David's maternity shoot (see here) and now I'm taking their family photos. It's so beautiful to watch their family grow! Enjoy these photos of Elisa, David, Eleanor and her grandparents!

Megan Won is a D.C. based portrait photographer that specializes in engagements